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Canopy Cleaning Norwood

Canopy Cleaners Norwood

All about Canopy Cleaners

Who would like to eat in a place that smells of foul air, or where the food served is cooked using unclean equipment. Such equipment or devices not only harm affect the food, they may at times prove harmful to the environment. To overcome this problem there are canopy cleaning services provided. Being the best kitchen canopy cleaners Norwood, we ensure our clients get our best services. Canopy cleaning is a service we have mastered over the years and provide these services as per the Australian standard AS 1851.6.

Kitchen Canopy - Inspection, scope of works & Cleaning

As we are the best canopy cleaners in Norwood, we provide canopy cleaning services in Norwood to various facilities such as hotels, aged care, restaurants, schools, hospital canteens etc. This is done by inspecting the canopy , find out the scope of works and then cleaning it.


Being the best we give the greatest importance to kitchen canopy cleaning. We, in Norwood, offer inspection of the canopy before starting with the actual kitchen canopy cleaning process. This inspection is carried out by highly qualified, trained, and skilled professionals and includes the following:

  • First, our professionals will check for any grease that might have accumulated in the canopies over time.
  • Next, the professionals will check for the grease that accumulates in both the vertical and the horizontal ducts.
  • Third, the grease accumulated in the extraction fan will be checked
  • Third, the grease accumulated in the extraction fan will be checked
  • Last, the panels will be inspected to see whether they need replacement or not

The Risks

  • Fires: With a kitchen canopy not cleaned for a big time period, there is a huge risk of fire starting up in the kitchen. This is largely due to the grease that has accumulated in the canopy and the gases that are released into the air as a result.
  • Hygiene: An unclean canopy and commercial kitchen can also be hazardous to the hygiene of the employees or the people who come to eat at that place. If such a thing happens, people may even file a lawsuit against the business.
  • Shutdown: One of the great risks that every business tries to avoid is a shutdown. Due to fires, or people complaining of health problems after visiting the business premises, the business may have to shut down until the problems are taken care of. This is a huge blow to the reputation of the business.

The Cleaning

  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning It is necessary to get the filter of the kitchen canopy cleaned to let free air flow through it. As the canopy is used, grease and dust accumulate in the canopy filters thus disabling the smooth functioning of the canopy. Also, the exhaust fan of the canopy needs to be cleaned as it removes bad air and foul smells from the kitchen. Keeping the exhaust clean ensures safety to the kitchen as most of the fire incidents start with an unclean exhaust.
  • Canopy Hood Cleaning: To keep the surroundings clean, it is necessary to clean the hood of the canopy at specific intervals. This not only reduces the risk of fire, it also keeps the canopy visually clean.
  • Removing Grease and Dust from the Kitchen Duct: Our professionals will remove the grease and dust from the kitchen duct using certain chemicals. Automated wire brush, They can also install access panels to clean areas of the duct that might otherwise appear unreachable.
  • Dry Cleaning: Cleaning near the electric wiring is done using dry cleaning. Once this is done, the canopy is polished to provide it a better appearance.

The AS 1851.6 Standard

While performing the Canopy Cleaning process, we ensure to follow the guidelines as specified by the AS 1851.6 Cleaning Standards. All the processes including ductwork, inspection, cleaning, and post-cleaning verification methods are followed as per the standard guidelines.


We Canopy Cleaners Norway ensure that our client knows everything about the cleaning process that we undertook. A report that describes all the details of the cleaning process, the status of the canopy before and after (along with pics) is sent to the client as a report.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Services in Norwood

We provide the best kitchen canopy cleaning in Norwood. Our well trained and certified professionals can get rid of any kind of hazards to the business and the environment that an unclean canopy may cause. We are always available at Customer Care Number 0470459272.