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Canopy Cleaning Prospect

Canopy Cleaners Prospect

Standardized Canopy Cleaning in Prospect

One of the important places in our home and any other place we go to eat is the Kitchen. Judging by the looks of a kitchen you can tell how good the food will be that you will get to eat there. It is as such very necessary that the kitchen be clean. This is possible if the equipment in the kitchen is also clean such as the kitchen canopy. We have trained and certified kitchen canopy cleaning professionals who do this job for our clients in Prospect. Canopy Cleaners Prospect helps their clients by performing all the cleaning operations related to your canopy internally or externally. Canopy cleaning services we provide include cleaning the duct, filter cleaning, removing grease, and hood cleaning. We ensure the client knows all about the process we perform by providing a complete canopy cleaning services report.

Canopy Cleaning Services

We are one of the best Canopy Cleaning Services providers in Prospect. We provide the following service to our clients in Prospect:

COVID-19 Protection

These days, the biggest danger that mankind suffers from is COVID-19. The pandemic has induced in us a fear that we can catch COVID merely by touching. Talking of the Kitchen Canopy, there might be many people working in the kitchen and dealing with the canopy. Who knows whether touching the canopy is safe or not? As such, we begin our services to the client by disinfecting the Canopy Hood thoroughly. Only after it has been verified that it is safe we move to the next step i.e. Sanitization. Sanitizing will reduce the number of germs to a level that is safe for the people around. The required level of safety is determined as per the guidelines issued by the Health Department. The sanitizing procedures for any place where food is being served are generally very strict. We ensure all those procedures are followed.

Cleaning the Hood

Not only internal cleaning, but the external cleaning of the canopy is also required. A customer will always see the outside of the canopy first and rest later on. The hood of the canopy needs cleaning to give a nice effect to the customers who visit the clients’ site. A clean Canopy hood will ensure a clean environment and provide a neat and clean look to the visitors.

Exhaust Fan and Duct Cleaning

Once you hand over the task of cleaning your kitchen canopy, we will ensure to do it at regular intervals to keep the canopy working properly. We, at Canopy Cleaners Prospect, ensure that your canopy is clean by performing the following tasks:

  • Removing Grease and Grime from the Ducts
  • Removing dead insects and rodents from the ducts
  • Cleaning the Filters
  • Cleaning the Ducts
  • Cleaning the exhaust Fans and its motors to make it function smoothly

Electrical Equipment Cleaning

While performing the canopy cleaning, we ensure that the chemicals used for cleaning do not harm any nearby electrical circuits or equipment. In such a case, our professionals resort to dry cleaning methods as a safety measure.

The AS 1851.6 Standard

All the procedures that are carried out need not be harmful to the client. As such we, at Canopy Cleaning Prospect, ensure that the Australian Standard AS1851.6 is strictly followed as per the guidelines. The cleaning of the duct, the canopy, and the post-verification methods are performed as specified by the Standard.


The client needs to know everything. From beginning to the end, all the procedures that are followed while cleaning are well documented. Besides being in text form, the pictures of the canopy pre-cleaning and post-cleaning are provided to the clients. This enables transparency to all our procedures, and a belief in the clients’ mind that we do not hide anything.

The Certificate

Once all our procedures regarding the cleaning of kitchen canopy are complete, we provide a certificate of cleaning that may be used by the clients’ if and when required by the health officials or any one auditing their workplace.

Let’s Conclude

In the times of the Pandemic, our trained professionals sanitize and disinfect the clients’ equipment. We ensure a long time relationship with our client by providing our best services to them. Our job does not end up after cleaning the kitchen canopy. We ensure the clients’ business runs smoothly by providing our services at regular times. Oftentimes our professionals will come to check whether any maintenance is required or not. Our services are available 24x7. You can call us at Customer Care Number 0470459272.