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Canopy Cleaning Unley

Canopy Cleaners Unley

Benefits of Canopy Cleaning Services Unley

At all places where one would most possible go to eat, the kitchen contains a canopy. The purpose of this canopy is to mitigate the amount of chemicals and gases in the air , and absorb smoke, fat, and oils produced in the cooking process. It is never advisable to clean the kitchen canopy yourselves. We, Unley Canopy Cleaners, provide our customers with canopy cleaning services. Our certified experts carry on the canopy cleaning services at the clients’ site as per the Australian Standard AS 1851.6. The advice of such experts is always beneficial as it keeps the kitchen safe from any hazards that may be waiting to happen.

Canopy Cleaning Services

At Unley Canopy Cleaning we provide various canopy cleaning services. All our services are targeted to keep the clients’ kitchen clean and safe. We offer the following services to:

  • Stop any fat from building up in the canopy and hinder the proper working of the canopy. This will also mitigate any risk of fire.
  • Let proper air flow in to provide for good combustion. This reduces carbon monoxide from accumulating in the kitchen canopy.
  • Create a better and clean environment by supplementing excess hot air with cool air.
  • Stop air movement in the kitchen such that no there is no discomfort in the kitchen.
  • Get rid of any heat near the cooking devices or equipment to prevent fires

Benefits of Hiring Unley Canopy Cleaning Services

Although one can perform the cleaning of the canopy on one’s own also, professional help is always welcome. Some of the benefits that you get when calling Unley Canopy Cleaning Services to your help include the following:

  • COVID-19: We ensure to start the cleaning by disinfecting and sanitizing the canopy and other equipment in the kitchen at the clients’ site. This ensures that our clients’ and further their clients are COVID-19 protected.
  • Equipment: The equipment required to clean the canopies need not be present with the client. We take the equipment along with us to the clients’ site. We ensure that our equipment is environment friendly as they help in cleaning and disinfecting the canopy as well.
  • Professional cleaning: The professionals who will clean the canopy are well trained in the work and are certified as well. They know which parts of the canopy they need to clean and how they need to clean. If you perform this task yourself, you could even end up messing things. Leave it to the professionals and they will come up with the best results.
  • You Pay for the Services You Require: If we offer Canopy Cleaning Services but you want only a component to be cleaned, you will be charged for the component and not the entire canopy.
  • Remove Germs and Bacteria: You might be cleaning the canopy but the microorganisms they remain. Our professionals carry special equipment and chemicals that will help in cleaning such organisms from the canopy.
  • Overlooked Things Are Taken Care Of: client does things by himself, it is very much possible that certain things, which must be taken care of while canopy cleaning, are missed out. However, the same work when done by professionals is done as per the guidelines specified in the followed standards in our case AS 1851.6.

The Standard

It becomes our duty, as the best canopy cleaners in Unley, to perform all the procedures in a way that are safe to the clients’ business and environment. As such, we ensure that we follow all the procedures as laid out in the Australian Standard AS 1851.6. All the procedures such Duct Cleaning, cleaning the canopy and post-verification methods are strictly carried out as per this standard.


Once the entire process of cleaning the canopy, internally and externally, is completed, it is our obligation to provide a complete and detailed report to the client in question. This report contains the pre-cleaning and the post-cleaning status of the cleaned canopy. It is from this report that the client can verify the work that we have done. Not only this is a verification technique, it also lends transparency to our procedures. We provide reports along with pictures of the canopy depicting its previous and current state.

Certificate of Canopy Cleaning

A certificate of a clean canopy ensures that the food cooked in the kitchen is healthy. This is very important for the clients’ business. The Deptt. Of Health or any audit team can ask for a certificate regarding a clean canopy. Whenever we clean a canopy, we provide a certificate to our client who can use it whenever and wherever it is required.

Let Us Wrap Up

A clean disinfected canopy is required to provide good food at a restaurant or a hotel. We ensure that our client gets such a canopy. In the process, we provide transparency and verification of our procedures following the AS 1851.6 standard. Call us at Customer Care Number 0470459272 whenever you need us.