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Canopy Cleaning Adelaide CBD

Canopy Cleaning Adelaide CBD

Why is Kitchen Cleaning necessary?

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One of the most important places in our home, or wherever we go to eat, is the kitchen. To keep the kitchen clean, all the equipment in the kitchen as well as the commercial kitchen canopy also need to be clean. We ensure to our clients that whatever problems a kitchen canopy might be having, we are adept at removing all of them. As we are the best kitchen canopy cleaners Adelaide CBD, our professionals are trained and certified. Not only do we provide services like Kitchen Canopy Cleaning the same day the customer contacts us, we ensure that the Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Services we provide are the best and comply with Australian standard AS 1851.6

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Being the best Canopy Cleaners Adelaide CBD, we provide canopy cleaning services to many clients in Adelaide. These include hotels, restaurants, aged cares , schools and hospital canteen and some other facilities as well. Keeping the canopy clean as thus is of utmost importance. The various types of canopy cleaning services offered by us include:

Filter Cleaning and kitchen exhaust fan cleaning

This is necessary for allowing the free flow of air through the canopy. With time as the canopy is used more and more, grease and dust accumulate in the canopy’s filter. This can be hazardous and even lead to the malfunctioning of the canopy. Also the fan is most important part of the kitchen exhaust system as it remove smoke and smell out of the kitchen .To organize regular cleaning of the exhaust fan will make sure that your exhaust fan functioning smoothly also its more safe as most of the fire incident start with exhaust fan .

Canopy Hood Cleaning

The hood of the canopy also requires cleaning at definitive intervals to keep the environment clean, and lessen the risk of fire. Also, this is good to keep the canopy visually clean.

Removing Grease and Dust from kitchen duct

Removing the grease and dust from the commercial kitchen canopy duct is a must. Our professionals, while taking great care, remove the grease and dust with the help of chemicals also we can install access panel so we can almost reach all area of the duct that will in no way harm the commercial kitchen canopy and yet clean it.

Safe Cleaning

Cleaning near the electrical wiring is done using dry cleaning. The canopy is finally polished externally also to give it an attractive look.

The Standards

AS 1851.6 Standards

While cleaning the commercial kitchen canopy, our professionals follow the guidelines as laid down in the AS 1851.6 Cleaning Standards. All the ductworks, inspection mechanism, cleaning processes, and post-cleaning verification methods are performed as per this standard.


After the cleaning of the Commercial Kitchen Canopy, we as Canopy Cleaners Adelaide CBD

, ensure that the client gets a report of the entire Canopy Cleaning Process. These reports include data and pictures of the canopy before and after the process for the client to check. The client will have a certificate that lists out all the details of the cleaning process for any further use.

Why Perform Kitchen Canopy Cleaning?

There are various reasons the Kitchen Canopy needs deep cleaning at regular or specified intervals. The following hazards are the result of unclean canopies in the commercial kitchen:

Increased Risk of Fire

A flash fire is one of the most dangerous risks caused by an unclean and greasy commercial kitchen canopy. Not only the fire harms the useful equipment in the kitchen, it may even spread to other parts of the building and you might as well have to stand trial for that.

Business Shutdown

In case you are not getting your commercial kitchen canopy cleaned at regular intervals, you might be inviting the wrath of the health department which might shutdown your business until you have taken the steps to clean the canopy.

Productivity Issues

With the kitchen having toxic gases and aromas, heat, improper ventilation, and bad smells in the air, the employees in the kitchen will be directly under their influence and could even have health issues and allergies thus bringing down the productivity of the business.

Safety Concerns to the Environment

When the commercial kitchen canopy is used, it gets struck up with grease, and different types of air and smoke. Not cleaning the commercial kitchen canopy at periodic time intervals can be hazardous to the environment. It becomes the duty of the owner to keep a check on the same and not let foul air spread all around.

Our Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Services

We offer the best Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Services in Adelaide. Our professionals are well trained and equipped to perform their duties. They can easily remove any kind of dirt, grease, heat, or other odors that are stopping your canopy to perform well. You can call us on Customer Care Number 0470459272 whenever you feel like.