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How CDF Canopy and Fan Maintenance Company works during COVID 19 Pandemic

In this situation where all the people worried about health and safety about society , we have also taken some crucial step to stop the spread of virus and provide constant service to our client,

Most of the restaurant during this pandemic was close and only few were open and only for take away food , as so many service supply company don’t want to continue to provide service due to fear of get infected or because of less client.

We have taken some extra step to look after our client; we decided to continue filter exchange to our client even if we don’t have many clients and not afford to send van for less client.

Canopy Cleaning and Fan Maintenance Service in Melbourne

Our new working safe policy to keep continuing service in this hard time is also better , as we have ask all our team member from canopy cleaning melbourne, commercial kitchen exhaust fan repair and kitchen filters exchange to report to warehouse and compulsory check body temperature , make sure they wear mask and glove all the time during they work , also must fill out the log book for their travel destination along with time to track their activity in proper manner , also all staff member must report all activity in the time even if they do not attend work , they have to submit self declaration form regarding to their health condition each day before their shift start.

Constant use of sanitizer, gloves and mask make us feel more safe for our self as well as our client so we can continue provide them commercial kitchen canopy cleaning services as well kitchen exhaust fan clean , repair and replacement service.

We have also get big thanks from our client to provide them all type of cleaning service in their commercial kitchen ,like kitchen walls, floor and ceiling clean , canopy cleaning , filters clean and exchange , duct clean and exhaust fan clean and repair.

We are so grateful to our clients as they continue provide work in this worse time ever we have seen in our career,

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