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Centrifugal Fan Repair Melbourne

Centrifugal Fan Repair

Canopy Cleaning Melbourne Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

We got urgent call from client that their fan makes horrible noise and they can’t operate as it’s on top of the residential building,

we sent technician to have a quick look, what he found out is a big mess, it’s a centrifugal fan with insulation to keep noise down, the owner said they have cleaned in morning and they make cleaning wrong way and the fan wheel loose its balance, when they are trying to use it its make too much vibration and noise .the tenants do not allow him to run the fan and without fan he is not able to run his kitchen.

Canopy Cleaning Melbourne Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

The technician come back to warehouse and we provide him quotation but it’s a not a quick fix job ,we have to bring the whole unit to our warehouse and then we have to clean it and replace few parts and we are not sure that when we can get parts ,but that client want to run his business and he don’t want to shut down his kitchen operation ,so we give him our fan to use for some day until we do not fix their fan .our fan wasn’t strong enough as it was kitchen vertical exhaust fan.but very next day we clean the unit and start repairing ,end of the day we had parts delivered to our warehouse .

In the afternoon we have started to re assemble the fan and finish it in two hours then we leave it for test run and when everything going good we went back to restaurant and put their unit back. Client was so happy with works that we have done for him. Also we took pictures of all the process so he can understand why it took a one day to fix it properly

Again end of the job very happy clients and next time we are going to make cleaning job there.

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