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Commercial Kitchen Canopy Clean at Box Hill

Commercial Kitchen Canopy Clean at Box Hill

Commercial kitchen canopy clean at box hill

One of our real estate agent called us to check the kitchen canopy at box hill.

We have organize the inspection of the café and we have found out that its located under a residential building and exhaust louver open in pathway of the building and all the oil drips from it on pathway and when they use the fan while cooking than its directly spill on the people who pass from the walk way.

So after the inspection and quote approved of the commercial kitchen exhaust system we have decided to make the job In the night time at 9 pm as clients operate 7 days a week .we have started the job with canopy cleaning and while one team was doing the canopy, the other team have started to work inside the roof for kitchen duct cleaning.

We have started to install 4 access panel to reach almost all the area of duct so we can clean entire duct properly .after finishing installation of the access panel inside the duct we have stared cleaning the duct and the team who was doing canopy they have started cleaning the louver outside of the building ,but the louver was so bad and full with the grease and they were not able to clean it onside so they took louver grill to the warehouse and up there they gave soak it in to the tank for one hour and than pressure wash it with hot water and surprisingly its come up like brand new.

Finally we are able to install the louver outside of the duct and the other team have finished the duct clean as well.

After completion we have got the call from the café owner and real estate agent and they were so happy with the work and we got the service contract for every 6 months.

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