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Kitchen Duct Clean Company in Melbourne

Kitchen Duct Clean Company in Melbourne

Client call BUSAN EXIBITION , They have open a new restaurant on exhibition street , restaurant have existing kitchen exhaust system and its never had been clean for long time as most of the client never organize cleaning of the duct ,they just focus mainly on canopy cleaning and exhaust fan cleaning on roof as cleaning of duct is quite complicated , costly and more over most of the company don’t know how to clean it properly in safe manner ,

As they are our regular client and this is their new branch ,they have engaged with us to finalize to kitchen duct clean ,first of all we have inspected the duct which was rectangular and 5 meter horizontal and 9 meter vertical , so we have calculated the number of access panel to install in the duct so we can clean almost all the part of the duct and remove hard grease from the duct,

We have hired a scissor lift and choose the day of work with 6 people team , 2 working on horizontal duct on scissor lift , 2 on canopy clean and 2 on horizontal duct.

Its took over 7 hours to clean canopy , duct and exhaust fan on roof and we manage to clean and remove 95%of the grease from duct.

After completion of the kitchen canopy , kitchen duct and kitchen exhaust fan cleaning we took the photos to show our client , as usual client was so happy and we issued certificate of compliance for council inspection.

That’s how we finalize commercial kitchen exhaust fan clean from top to bottom.

Its require lots of experience to work on height and inside confined space also you need ticket as well to work it safely.

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