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Greasy kitchen duct can activate smoke alarm

We got a call from one real estate company from Melbourne CBD, they wants to make an inspection for the duct and exhaust fan .so we have book the timing for inspection .

Upon inspection the technician have found out that the kitchen duct and exhaust fan were located inside the roof ,and it’s only been clean once before six year when the previous tenant left the restaurant ,also previous company have use metal sheets as a access panel to get access inside the duct however its never been cleaned properly. for kitchen exhaust fan it was a inline CFM air system exhaust fan and its weight around 100kg , so it’s a hard job to bring down the fan and clean properly and maybe that’s the reason why nobody have clean it properly.

The technician have make the report for scope of work and suggest to replace all the metal sheets access panel with factory made access panel to clean the kitchen duct. The reason for replacing the metal sheets access panel with professional one is the metal one start leaks after some time and it’s not able to handle that much air pressure. also the whole duct need a proper clean and fan as well , Due to some other restriction on way to fan we are not able to clean fan properly but we have removed 85% grease out of fan and specially around the blade,

After quote, we have got approval from landlord we have choose a day to make the job,

Once we have finalize al the cleaning we took the photo and send it to the landlord , and he was so happy from the quality of the work and as a reward we have got promised of getting more work in the real estate agency.

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